Pharmaceutical Tanks

Experience with TGA Requirements

Our specialist team of engineers and designers manufacture superior quality stainless steel products.

Superior Pharmaceutical Tank Products

Our pharmaceutical processing systems are made with high quality stainless steel and manufactured by our specialist team of engineers and fabricators. Expect superior results every time.

Adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) by the TGA

Engineers choose us because of our experience with complex designs and our competence with the TGA requirements for Good Manufacturing Practices. Add to that our on time delivery, and the whole project runs smoother with Carlson Stainless.
Advantages of using Australian-made stainless steel storage tanks is that they are corrosion resistant, hard-wearing, easy to keep clean and cheaper than other materials.
Our processing tanks are suitable for all types of food and beverage storage, including alcohol, soups, dairy products, condiments and water.

Mirror Polished Stainless

Many surfaces in pharmaceutical manufacturing are required to be mirror polished, higher even than food manufacturing. We can exceed these standards so the plant can be certified for manufacturing.

For Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Our stainless steel processing equipment is ideal for the pharmaceutical industry. We custom-build systems right here in Australia that will provide you with a high quality end product. For pharmaceutical manufacturers we create tanks, ducting, pipework all in high grace stainless steel and precisely to engineering specifications. With comprehensive testing before anything ever leaves our workshop.

Our stainless steel processing equipment is ideal for the food and beverage industry.

Looking for a reliable, experienced stainless steel pharmaceutical tank manufacturer?